• CoastalMister Mosquito Misting System
    Automatic Insect Misting For Your Yard
    The CoastalMisterâ„¢ Mosquito Misting System the most reliable solution for mosquitos, flies, gnats, and spiders on the market today. By prioritizing reliability, our systems work consistenly to provide protection in your yard. Contact us to be connected with your local certified CoastalMisterâ„¢ Dealer
  • Become a CoastalMisterâ„¢ Mosquito Misting Customer Today
    Reliable Insect Misting Systems
    Coastal Mosquito LLC is the nations leading manufacturer of mosquito misting systems and provider of parts and service for all equipment. The CoastalMister is the most easy to use mosquito misting system with the longest warranty in the industry. We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing and servicing all systems. We carry the most effective and competitively-priced systems, parts, and misting concentrates. We provide our dealers with training and resources to best serve our customers. Contact us to find your local dealer today.
  • Integrated Mosquito Management
    Protect Your Family's Health
    Your comfort and safety are a top priority. Reduce the risk of family and friends being infected with mosquito born illnesses with our effective mosquito misting system. (which also controls spiders, flies, and gnats)
  • Protect Your Precious Livestock from mosquito and other insect born disease
    Protect your precious livestock today. The CoastalMister Analog/Hybrid is the most reliable fly spray system on the market with the longest warranty. Do not be fooled by other systems stuck in the stone age. Use our system with standard 3/8" output and 140 GPH pump and 1/2 HP Motor

CoastalMisterâ„¢ Mosquito Misting System

We've all tried using Tiki torches and citronella candles to protect our family and friends from mosquitoes. But those methods simply attempt to mask the scent of people in the area before it can attract pests. Professional pest control treatments are also ineffective because they’re applied to infrequently to deter mosquitoes from laying their eggs and repopulating, especially when it rains.

The CoastalMister™ Mosquito Misting System is the solution to your pest control needs. Designed to effectively eliminate mosquitoes and all other insects such as spiders in the outdoor spaces of your home, the CoastalMister™ Mosquito Misting system gently delivers a timed spray of diluted insecticide to the necessary areas.

With the most reliable easy to use system in the industry with the longest warranty the question becomes why not be a CoastalMister dealer. We also service all mosquito misting systems and carry the widest line of products in the industry.
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Continuous Coverage & Protection
The CoastalMisterâ„¢ sprays a low dosage at multiple pre-planned times each day providing continuous coverage and protection without being invasive.
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Designed for Your Family's Safety & Comfort
Other pest control methods keep your children and pets indoors. The low dosage of the CoastalMisterâ„¢ program allows you to enjoy your yard anytime.
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Customized for Your Home & Needs
Your certified CoastalMisterâ„¢ dealer will work with you to customize a misting system that best suits your needs as well as the look and feel of your home.
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Thousands of Families Protected
Partnered with the finest pest control specialists and installers around the country, we are proud to provide thousands of families to take back their backyard.